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Fire alarm systems, Nottingham

It is of the utmost importance that your business has a fully functioning fire alarm system in your premises. MWE Ltd can perform a regular service on your existing fire alarm equipment, update it to a more state of the art system and install emergency lighting. This forms part of our fire safety service, which also includes the supply and maintenance of extinguishing systems .

We can install various fire alarm systems:

  • Conventional control systems
  • Analogue addressable control systems
  • Wire free radio fire alarms
  • Automatic smoke and heat detection
  • Aspirated smoke detection
  • Sounders and visual alarms
  • Interfaces and manual call points
  • Voice evacuation and public address systems

Emergency lighting

It is a mandatory requirement in most buildings to have functioning emergency lighting. Whether you are experiencing a power outage as a result of a fire or not, it guarantees the safe passage of people out of the building. We can install and maintain self contained emergency lighting units, central battery units and addressable systems.

Maintaining fire alarm systems and emergency lighting

It is a legal requirement to have fire alarm systems and emergency lighting regularly maintained. Whether you are having trouble with your current provider or you wish to combine this service with our security and electrical services we can perform regular scheduled maintenance checks. Our 24 hour service means that, no matter how regularly you need maintenance checks to be done, we can do it at a time that is convenient for you and your business.

You can tailor your own service package by handpicking from across the three main areas of our business. This service is a unique function for us and means you only have to remember one number when it comes to protecting your business.

If you would like us to continue the maintenance of your fire alarm system call us on 0845 840 8440

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